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Holistic Healing & Psychic Fairs
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We offer group classes & individual sessions to gather people together to learn about their psychic, spiritual, and unusual gifts, to bring them out and create a community where it is safe and normal to do so and talk about it. There will be group classes and individual sessions based on the need. Cost of this incredible opportunity is depending on size of group and the depth of coverage. Usually averages $60 per person per class. Yes that seems high to most, but how much is understanding yourself and your gifts and knowing you are not alone worth to you?


We offer the following classes:

* White Light Meditation

* Spiritual, Psychic Healing through Touch

* Recognizing & Awakening your gifts

* Aura Healing

* Aura Reading

* Chakra Balancing

* Mind & Body Balancing

* Using Light & Sound for Balancing

Come & See for yourself what you are Capable of

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