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Crystal Healing, Shamanic Crystal Healing
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What is a Shamanic Crystal Healing and what can a Healing Session do for you?

Crystal Healing, Shamanic Crystal Healing

A Shamanic Crystal healing session is a deeply relaxing, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing Crystals & stones on the body in relaxation, combined with the use of the drum, and rattles. The addition of the drum and rattles is a way to let the vibration aid in the work and the releasing of that which is ready to be released. My gift of healing focuses on releasing that which is ready to be released, safely, gently and without pain. This is the main intention held for the session.


Crystal Healing is an ancient holistic healing method. Crystal healing pays as much attention to a person’s spiritual and emotional well-being, as well as their physical health. Crystals have been used, revered and enjoyed for thousands of years.

The use of Crystals can be traced back to ancient Egyptian times. They were often used for jewelry and cosmetics, as well as for protection and health purposes. Topaz was used for purging evil spirits. It is a non-invasive, relaxing, and natural process. Whether you believe in the healing properties of the Crystals or not, they will offer you a chance to lie back, relax and get in touch with your bodies energies, leaving you feeling refreshed, de-stressed and restored. This state creates an environment for improved physical health.

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Crystal Healing, Shamanic Crystal Healing

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Dream Stones

By Sharon

Have your dreams, inspirations and goals for the future put in a stone. The stone holds the energy of you holding onto your dreams. This reminds you and brings you right back to that peaceful, glorious feeling of your dreams, and helps you manifest your dreams as you go through your day.

The energy in these will draw others to the stone, so choose wisely who you let hold your dream.

Uses of these Stones:

To remember your dreams, manifest your dreams, and to just make you smile and feel good. They work amazing in Crystal Grids to manifest your dreams, or under your pillow as you sleep. Play with them in meditation, or in any way you want. They are a physical reminder of what we are striving to create. Imagine them with childlike energy holding onto a dream as only a child can.

The Process:

I select a stone that calls to me and that wants to hold the dream, or “can” hold the dream energy. I hold the stone in my hand tuning it to dream energy.

At this time I have you hold on to your dream, vocalizing it, if you are able, and I fill the stone with amazing energy you put out when in this state. Then when the stone tells me it is ready, I hand you the stone, and you can feel the energy of your dreams. Sometimes I will have you hold it up to your heart and I will put my hand over yours to solidify the programming of the stone. Other times I will ask for a one word description of your dream.

The amazing part of this is that you and the stone are now tuned together to hold onto your dreams. If one forgets, the other will remind them. These stones are not fragile, this process is tuning you and the stone together. It continues the tuning with you each time you hold it, and feel your dream, so no re-tuning should be necessary, even if you alter your dreams.

Only if someone intentionally, or unintentionally, repurposes the stone does re-tuning possibly become necessary. These stones can be dropped, and all that means is they were meant to fall, maybe to knock off something trying to attach it or to just give your dreams a kick start.

They are to be loved and treasured as only dreams can be.

Dream Stone creation and activation can be done in person or over distance.

Miscellaneous Note:

I tend to most often use “damaged” natural clear crystal quartz for dream stones. These are private stones to hold close to you, and be special. Damaged, broken things, and people need love, and a purpose, and what better than to use a “damaged”, not perfect, or broken stone that most believe is not worthy.

Amazing things come after being broken, and creativity abounds. So remember this if your stone is not pretty, or if you are feeling broken yourself.

You are a miracle, and have a purpose!

Thank you for your interest, and for holding onto your Dreams!

Love & Light,


Comments received from happy Dream Stone owners...

"Within a few days of receiving my Dream Stone I got my dream job. It was not happening before." Alison, Virginia (distance)


"I get a warm glow holding my Dream Stone and when I put it out, everyone wants to touch it and asks to purchase it" Norma Jean, Washington

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