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Understanding Intuitive and Psychic Gifts

In essence, we are all divine beings connected to the universal consciousness, and are all capable of, and possess the "gifts" of intuitive and psychic abilities. Some individuals display more developed extrasensory perceptions, while others have a sense of “knowing” without any actual proof of knowing why. The most beneficial methods for enhancing our "psychic" or “intuitive” gifts are through ways that promote inner balance, meditation and disciplined spiritual practices.

Throughout history, psychic phenomenon has played a major role in many people's lives. In today's society, public media as well as Hollywood's portrayal of gifted psychics has evolved drastically and become more realistic. The overall attitude about psychics has changed considerably and throughout the world a definite shift toward its realization has begun. Psychic and intuitive practices are becoming more and more evident and accepted into the mainstream of society.

There are many different recognized forms of psychic and intuitive perceptions, as well as many different methods of predicting future events or gaining Divine wisdom from the Universal Consciousness. Perhaps the underlying key in defining these unique "gifts" is simply the realization that we are not just physical beings, but also spiritual beings living within an infinite universe filled with infinite possibilities and these gifts just may very well, elude explanation of science.

Intuitiveness is the "gift of insight" that comes from God, the Great Spirit, and Divine Universal Consciousness.

Intuition is the voice of the spirit and soul. It is heard through the calmness and peace we experience within our inner self. For centuries Spiritual Teachers, Mystics and Sages have believed that when we have a strong, clear intuitive connection, the understanding and Divine guidance we receive is always correct. Meditation and other spiritual practices can assist in enabling inner knowing and intuitive insight.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Knowing who is on the phone (without caller ID) or door before being answered.

Know when someone lies – or tells partial truths – to you. (For me, this creates a physical sensation, tightening, in my stomach or abdomen region).

Knowing something good (or bad) is getting ready to happen, but don’t have details.

Uneasiness, unsettled feeling and/or jitteriness prior to a major event, such as an earthquake – regardless of where it happens.

Knowing when a friend/relative needs to hear from you – or is in trouble.

Knowing something specific (with details) is going to happen (outside of the ‘norm’).

Knowing what an animal (or plant) is communicating. This can be a knowing, mind pictures, or internal dialoguing.

Having dreams, or flashes, that comes true. Knowing, seeing and/or hearing a deceased loved one (or deceased strangers).

Physically being seen at two different locations at the same time.

People suddenly feeling better just being around you (not just friends). Seeing and/or hearing ‘ghosts’. Hearing or knowing others thoughts.

Touching an item, object or person and knowing information about them or its previous owner (such as ‘negative’ energy feeling, knowings, mind pictures).

Know how someone else is feeling (their emotions, whether hidden or exposed) – and feeling it yourself.

Knowing what’s the most probable outcome of a situation, event or circumstance without having prior knowledge and not being a statistician. Seeing and knowing what a place (building, town, etc) will look like in the far future.

Seeing the past and present at the same time.

Communicate, hear and/or receive information from non-physical beings (other than ghosts).

I would also like to note that what I have listed are names and

descriptions of the most Commonly Known Gifts/Abilities.

There are Many More that don't have names and are hard to

describe... I personally have quite a few...

Some types of Psychic Gifts/Abilities


– The ability to hear beyond the physical hearing; such as voices, music and sounds.


– The ability to feel or sense beyond the physical; such as gaining information through the five physical senses (heightened), intuition or ‘gut feelings’.


– The ability to see beyond the physical sight; could be in the form of telepathy, precognition. Can receive information in the form of symbols; mind pictures; overlays (example: seeing past and present at same time).


– A generalized, and often over-used, term; can refer to basically any psychic abilities.

Some of the More Common Psychic Gifts/Abilities


– The ability to communicate with non-physical energies, such as ‘masters’, angels, guides and other world beings.


– The ability to sense and/or feel others emotions, or residual emotions. For those empaths who are untrained, the emotions can feel like their own ad can be confusing. Public places and/or large crowds can be overwhelming. Shielding exercise can help.

The number of empaths on planet Earth are on the rise, and are usually coupled with one or more other abilities.


– The ability to see far into the possible future (or past). This is closely related to the Probability ability.

Both abilities rely on the ability to foresee the most likely outcome based on the current energy patterns.

Far-See example: While driving, one can catch glimpses of the houses, buildings, landscape, etc. in the far future (or distant past).

Probability example: knowing what is going to happen shortly, based on the current energy patterns (closely related to Precognitive).


– This is a very broad category. Healings can come in as many ways as the healers, themselves, develop. A word of caution to new healers: please never take others ailments into your own body.

Often beginner healers may start to see patterns during daily interactions. Friends and acquaintances may appear to feel better, cheerier, more up-beat or energetic when around you.

Some healers pray to heal. There are also: laying on of hands; visualization; manipulation of energy; aura healing (working on re-balancing the aura); chakra healers (re-balancing the seven primary physical energy vortices on the human body); Reiki, and much more.


– The ability to communicate with those who have crossed over (deceased). It can be getting messages from a deceased loved one or strangers.


– One who has more than one working ability. A lot of people are now in this category, and it is growing.


– The ability to know things/events, etc. beforehand.


– The ability to sense or feel an upcoming event – usually a ‘gut feeling’ about something. (Closely related to Precognitive.)


– The ability to touch an object, item or person and receive information. This information can be received in mind pictures (like still photos or short snippets of moving film); or sudden a knowing of information.


– The ability to hear others thoughts, ideas, etc. (receiver) and/or send thoughts, ideas, etc. to others (sender). The ability to be both a sender and receiver is growing.


– The ability to use a tool to provide a focus to access information about another. Examples can be (but not limited to): tarot cards, other card types, tea leaves, crystal ball, stones, minerals, ‘doodles’, etc.